Fund Manager - Sympatia Financie

Asset management

We manage assets of both retail clients and institutional investors,

Our goal is a higher return for the client than standard bank product while protecting invested capital. The assets are placed on the financial markets based on mutually agreed investment strategy. We offer our clients access to local and international financial markets and professional investment service. The company has form its own sales department concentrating on over average return with a focus on the capital protection.

We respect the client's requirements and ideas regarding return, risk and currency structure. We set up client ´s Investment portfolio tailored to maximize return while maintaining an acceptable risk.

The portfolio can adjusted to the changing market conditions and client requirements, it consists of liquid securities.

The client continues to be the owner of financial assets managed by us throughout its management. Due to legal requirements Clients' assets is managed separately from the assets of the company.

Sympatia Financie fulfills all conditions to provide these services:

  • License of the Financial Market Authority and National Bank of Slovakia,
  • Technical and personal requirements
  • Expertise and experience.

Client is entrusted to his/her personal advisor with sustain regular personal contact. Maximum confidentiality is guaranteed.

The client is regularly (at least twice a year) informed of all concluded transactions and the development and condition of the investment

We offer our professional skills and experience to the clients. Our primary goal is the maximum satisfaction and return.

Investments in securities (bonds, shares) bring essentially higher return than traditional deposit accounts in the same currency.

Investment Consulting

We help to make right investment decisions.

The financial market operations require a robust know-how. Sympatia understands investments and actively helps to make right investment decisions. Our investment consulting includes a comprehensive range of financial transactions and financial instruments. We advise our clients how to appropriately implement not only their investment strategies, but also we are active in advisory to investment services, corporate finance and M & A transactions. Within the group also we provide for clients comprehensive consulting services for all types of financial and corporate transactions.

Due to the direct long-term commitment in the world of financial markets and private equity projects our company built a strong advisory and investment team capable to fully ensure an effective process side of such investments.

Legal Services

We provide comprehensive legal services and legal advisory in almost all areas of corporate law.

Our services include legal representation in courts and other authorities, drafting and commenting on contracts and other legal motions and the preparation of legal analysis and opinions. We provide legal services in Slovak, German, English and French.

Commercial law and corporate law (including mergers and acquisitions - M & A)

Contracting advisory services are aimed to meet all our clients’ needs.

When it comes to the risks and benefits associated with the founding of new companies, we help conduct a due diligence report on entering the Slovak market as well as the conduct of business in the free market economy. We ensure a smooth and rapid foundation of new corporate entities and changes in the commercial register. Moreover, we help our clients in their day-to-day activities, preparations for and conduct of general meetings etc. We have assisted our local and international clients in several projects such as mergers and divisions of companies.

Banking, finance & securities law

The main activities in this field consist of credit transactions and assistance in the licensing and regulatory proceedings in order to acquire necessary licenses and permits, as well as financial restructuring and reorganization. We provide our clients with legal advice when concluding credit agreements, contracts of assignment of receivables and security institutions. We provide comprehensive recovery and other titles of credit and similar agreements and ensure complete transfer of securities.

Competition law

We focus on the clients advisory related to the anti-trust approvals of domestic and foreign transactions and the competition restriction agreements.

Insolvency and Restructuring

We draft and file proposals in bankruptcy and restructuring permits, and also represent clients in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, we also represent our valued clients in proceedings related to the insolvency or restructuring (incidence and accidence proceedings). In cooperation with colleagues from Sympatia Advisors, we prepare the restructuring opinions and the restructuring plans, so-called ‘anti-opinions’ and the financial analyses of the restructuring plans.

Real Estate law

The activities of our lawyers in the real estate law area consists of advisory services on acquisitions, financing, construction, leasing and the sale of real estate, as well as the negotiation of the contract terms during the different phases of development projects.

Due Diligence

We provide a legal assessment and analysis of the legal status of the selected companies. In this context, we consider documents of the company from a legal point of view in order to identify and eliminate the risks associated with the company agenda that is already in place. The conclusions of the legal audits are usually relevant to the position of the company and its business compliance with applicable law, as well as preparation for a possible merger or acquisition.

Civil law

Our team will assist you in drafting and assessment of contracts, settlement of joint ownership, drafting of the claims and other filings in the courts and other relevant authorities in all types of proceedings.


We represent our clients in the court and in arbitration proceedings. We provide legal services in commercial, labor-law and civil cases, as well as legal assistance in carrying out enforcement, including the recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions and arbitration verdicts. We also recommend to our clients to avoid litigation and we represent them in negotiating the most favorable terms of any extrajudicial settlement.

Administrative law

The business activities of our clients are subject to a wide range of approvals, licenses, permits and other decisions issued by authorities at different levels of governmental and public administration. We provide comprehensive legal advice and representation of the clients in the cadastral proceedings, constructing proceedings, infringement proceedings, or examination of the legality of administrative decisions by the courts.

Labor law

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal services in the areas of labor law; our focus is mainly on the following - employment contracts, termination of employment, liability in employment relations collective, bargaining and works councils, the relations prior to the employment, Non-discrimination, personal data protection, safety at work and employee benefits.

Bond Issues and Capital Markets Services

We deliver comprehensive service in primary and secondary bond issue.

Our goal is to connect investors with capital to be effectively evaluated and entrepreneurs managing exceptional projects with big potential. To finance projects we apply bond financing already implemented in the several projects with both domestic and foreign investors.

Bonds as the alternative form of financing is becoming a popular instrument particularly for its:

  • Transparency
  • Safety
  • Transferability / liquidity
  • Low cost

Sympatia ensures a full service connected with the issuance of bonds and its registration in the Central Depository. And as the CD members, all related services are administered reliably, fast and at low cost for the client.

Our services include not only the primary market operations, but also on the secondary market for issued bonds. We have created infrastructure quality and experienced team of collaborators who participated in issues for many clients, and high financial volume.

In addition to the bond market we also provide the securities issuance for the joint-stock companies. Our membership in CD enables us discreet and reliable service for our clients. Moreover we are able to ensure the keeping of the issuer register, securities accounts administration, and administration and disbursement of earnings of the managed securities.

Project Financing and Project Management

We successfully bridge capital seeking businesses to institutional and individual investors.

Project financing

We successfully link capital seeking businesses to institutional and individual investors.

We provide advisory to our clients in achieving their individual investment plans. Our customer relation approach is based on the partnership in all stages of the project activities. We provide funding for the projects by direct equity participation or by loans, credits and bond issue. In the process of realisation we can provide all the support activities from legal services to the economic and financial advisory.

Project management

We actively support our clients in managing of the projects and companies and participate in the management or directly manage projects with our or our clients’ investment.

We concluded several successful projects backed by our solid professional investment team.

Project management includes all activities from solving strategic issues, financial, tax and legal issues commercial question to daily management, marketing, sales and project exit.

Corporate Finance Consulting

We are ready to support our clients with comprehensive expert advice and services in a wide range of areas.

As part of our activities and Sympatia Group structure we have created a strong team of professionals able to support our clients with comprehensive professional advice and service in the area of purchase and sale of companies, corporate finance, bonds and shares issue, debt restructuring and recapitalization of the company, including legal and tax advice.

Transaction advisory

Advisory on the purchase and sale of companies, mergers, evaluation, corporate restructuring


Corporate financing structuring, sale of bonds to private and institutional investors, capital raising from private and institutional investors

Restructuring and recapitalization

Debt and liability restructuring concerning banks and other creditors, strategic consulting and performance improvement company

Services Capital Markets

Our brokerage license allows us to issue shares or bonds to the public capital markets. We issue the bonds and convertible bonds, the primary public offering (IPO) and secondary public offering (SPO).

Administration of Securities Accounts

We ensure comprehensive services of Central depository member.

We ensure provision of comprehensive services associated with being a Central depository member. We perform such courtesy certified employees of the company according to the rules and regulations while using the software of the central securities depository.

Sympatia Financie offers opening and administration of three types of accounts of securities owner based on the type of entrusted assets:

  • Strategic Accounts - intended for those clients who have significant shareholdings or hold controlling interests
  • Portfolio Accounts - favorable for securities owners with a managed portfolio by Sympatia Financie
  • Business /Investment Account - for all other clients, especially the owners of shares from the first wave of voucher privatization interested in the growth of the portfolio or security owners intending to trade these securities.

As a licensed securities dealer, we are able to ensure the purchase and sale of securities for the securities owner with account opened by another central depository member. The Company is ready to arrange the crediting of inherited securities on the account of the securities owner. Sympatia Financie informs its clients on the current status of their securities account through an annual balance statement and on each change by transaction statement free of charge. The statements may be delivered by mail or handed over personally.