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Polaris Alpha

Professional Investor Fund specializing in private equity and project investments.

Polaris Alpha sub-fund is best suited for clients with requirements on diversified and stable investment with predictable return. Fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation primarily by project investments outside of financial markets.

Investment strategy:

Investment strategy aims mainly on industrial, logistics, commercial and residential real estate projects. Fund project investments are geographically diversified in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Fund invests also in developing markets investment portfolios.

Charles Bridge Global Macro Fund

Proffessional Investor Fund specializing in financial markets, primarily derivative products.

Net return since fund inception 25.34%

Charles Bridge sub-fund is absolute return, maximum appreciation of client investments at acceptable risk level with emphasis on investments security.

Investment strategy:

Fund specialty are investments in non-effective leveraged ETF. Fund belongs to the small group of funds in Europe specializing in this “niche segment”.

Polaris Omega

Individually managed private portfolio.

Harvest Alpha Capital

Individually managed private portfolio.